Invited Lectures

Invited Lectures

1. Treatment of well-differentiated thyroid cancer. Surgical Society of Bijapur. November 2011.

2. Surgical treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma at unusual sites. RGCON 2011. Delhi. February 2011.

3. Risk-stratified treatment algorithm for Wilms tumor. ICC 2011. Bhubaneswar, February 2011.

4. Best of SIOP 2010. PHOCON 2010. Nagpur, November 2010.

5. Best of SIOP 2009. PHOCON 2009. PGI Chandigarh. November 2009.

6. Gold standard of treatment of Pediatric Solid tumors. 55th Annual Conference of International College of Surgeons. Amritsar, October 2009

7. Adjuvant & Neoadjuvant Therapy In Pediatric Solid Tumors. ASICON 2009. Coimbatore, December 2009.

8. Current approach to pediatric solid tumors. Hemato-oncology update. IAP Rajkot. November 2008.

9. Visual diagnosis in Pediatric Oncology. Pediatric Surgery Seminar Update. Goa Medical College. Goa, August 23-24, 2008.

10. Dr Arthur Desa Memorial Continuing Surgical Education Programme. Complications in Pediatric Surgical Oncology. 53rd Annual Conference of International College of Surgeons. Agra, October 2007

11. Management of Pediatric Solid Tumor. Agra Pediatric Surgical Group. Agra, October 2007

12. Role of Surgery in Pediatric Cancers. National CME on Pediatric Oncology. An Overview. Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Bhopal. October 2006.

13. Balancing Cure with Quality of Life. Oncology 2006. XIV ISMPO and XII ISO. Patna, November 2006.

14. Surgical Approaches in Childhood Cancers. Pediatric Oncology and Nursing Research. Oncology Nursing Association of India, (ONAI) Mumbai, November 2006

15. Organ preservation in Head and Neck cancers. ASICON 2006. Varanasi, December 2006.